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UPforEd is working to shift the role of parents in education by assisting everyday people to be effective parent leaders who join together in a unified, grassroots voice.
We will provide resources and help to organize parents at school sites and across the district. UPforEd will help parents to ensure SDUSD puts the students’ needs as the greatest priority.
We will work for education efforts that create long-lasting improvements for students at the local level.
San Diego UPforEd will mobilize parents to advocate for quality public education that places students as the priority in decision making and that is available equally to all children.
San Diego UPforEd reaches across neighborhoods and district lines bringing parents together to find solutions to common problems. San Diego UPforEd parents will support one another at neighborhood schools and on district-wide issues and policies.

San Diego UPforEd is building a coalition of parents from throughout the San Diego Unified School District to be empowered!


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Budget: How Are Schools Funded
Common Core Standards
Employee Contracts
Five Things Every Parent Should Know
How to Check a Teacher’s Credential/s
How to Do Public Testimony at a School Board Meeting
How to File a Written Complaint
Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
New Graduation Requirements
Open Enrollment
Other Parent Resources
Parent Empowerment Law (Parent Trigger)
Parent Rights
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Quality Urban Schools–Data Driven and Research Based
School Bonds: What parents need to know.
School Safety Committees and Required Comprehensive School Safety Plans
Student Fees and Free Public Education
Student-to-Student Bullying Procedure
What is LIFO?
What is the SSC and SGT?


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About UPforEd

UPforEd, is an independent, grassroots and parent-led organization working to engage and connect San Diego Unified School District parents and other supporters to improve and strengthen our local public schools.

We value parents as stakeholders representing the most important element in public schools – our children.

UPforEd shares knowledge and resources so that parents become involved in the improvement of schools as real decision-makers, equal partners and true stakeholders, rather than passive or reactive consumers.

United Parents for Education (UPforEd) was founded in 2011 by a group of San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) parents who were interested in improving student outcomes. Our goal was to achieve this by engaging in a dialogue with district officials and other decision makers on potential areas of reform.

UPforEd: Turning the Page

Today, we have refocused our efforts toward providing you with up-to-date and accurate reporting of the complex issues that face San Diego schools. Throughout the coming months, we will be releasing informative, research-based issue papers on topics including, but not limited to, student outcomes, school performance, and per student expenditures.

Stay informed by reading the papers here on this website or sign up to have them sent directly to your inbox. Use this information to keep the conversation moving forward and together we can achieve real progress.

San Diego can and should do better!


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Hot Issues Now

We Can Change the Story:

You’ve seen the headlines…
“Award Winning Teacher Receives Pink Slips 10 Years in a Row,”
“Elementary School to Lose 50% of its Staff,” or
“Favorite Art Teacher Bumped out by More Senior Teacher…”
These stories have become commonplace as California has had to tighten its budgetary belt. And the headlines don’t come close to telling the whole story of school cultures decimated by old laws that don’t put students’ needs as a priority.
Nothing upsets parents and students more than losing great teachers. We have watched this happen in San Diego for years now. We are losing great teachers, if not through actual layoffs, then through the lack of job stability of our least senior teachers–no matter how effective they are.
We can help change the story…

Students Matter, a national non-profit organization dedicated to sponsoring impact litigation to promote access to quality public education, has filed a lawsuit, Vergara v. California, challenging outdated and potentially harmful state laws that keep ineffective teachers in schools, allow great teachers to be laid off, and could jeopardize the future of our students.
The Vergara v. California case challenges statutes of the state Education Code including:
Permanent Employment Statutes, which effectively grants tenure after 18 months on the job and minimal evaluations.
Dismissal Statutes, which create a complicated set of obstacles for school administrators to dismiss an ineffective teacher.
Last-In, First-Out Statute, which forces school districts to make decisions about district-wide layoffs and subsequent reassignments based solely on length of time on the job, without any consideration of job teacher effectiveness.
THEY NEED OUR HELP. Do you have a story to share about how our current system has had a negative impact on your child? A great teacher who has been laid off because s/he has not been teaching as long as another? Are you a teacher who has witnessed the injustice in these practices?

DO YOU HAVE A STORY?? Click here.

UPforEd supports students as the first priority in education and research shows that effective teachers are the single most important in-school factor to ensuring a student’s academic success. We thank Students’ Matter for fighting for equitable education for all, based on teaching quality and effectiveness.


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Executive Director

Lisa Berlanga

Lisa Berlanga, a San Diego native and mom to a Patrick Henry High School Student, has had a variety of experience in the San Diego educational community. She graduated from USD with a teaching credential and then received her M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction. A few years later she went back to school at SDSU and earned her administrative credential. She began her career as a teacher in San Diego Unified School District at Mead Elementary teaching kindergarten and first grade students. After a few wonderful years of working with these enthusiastic, young learners, she had the opportunity to transition to Darnall Charter School, which appealed to her because of the level of teacher collaboration and participation in the governance processes of the charter. Her twelve years at Darnall began as a teacher and worked up to Director of the school. As Director, Ms. Berlanga was able to lead her team to success by pulling the school out of program improvement and leading the organization to an independent, non-profit status. Ms. Berlanga’s next challenge lead her to work supporting and advocating for the broader charter movement by taking a position as Regional Director with the California Charter Schools Association where she worked for six years in the San Diego Charter Community. During her tenure as Regional Director she was able to develop a strong collaborative relationship with San Diego Unified School District. Ms. Berlanga is actively engaged in her local community of Del Cerro where she has lived with her husband for sixteen years. She serves on the Cowles Mountain Community Foundation as the Vice President and has been an active parent at Lewis Middle and Patrick Henry High School. In her free time she enjoys attending her son’s water polo and baseball games as well as taking her French Bulldog for walks. She is excited to join the United Parents for Education (UPforEd) team.

Our Team:
Yohany Corona: Parent Organizer

Yohany was born in San Diego, California and is the second oldest of five siblings. Her family moved a lot, back and forth across the border, going to school both in the United States and in Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico. Her family finally settled in San Ysidro at the end of junior high and she attended Southwest Middle School. When entering high school, since she had good grades, her mother wanted her to attend a high school that had higher academic achievement and offered more challenging classes than her neighborhood school. The district granted her permission to attend Eastlake High School so that she could take more AP classes. It was then that it was very apparent to her that education is not equal. Yohany attended San Diego State University earning her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Spanish as well as her Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education and Counseling. Yohany is recently married and proud to have a husband who is as passionate about education and social issues as she is. Her family is very important to her and she is very close to them. She is very excited to join the UPforEd team and to continue advocating for equal education for all, in order for everyone to have the same opportunity she did, regardless of what neighborhood they live in or their socioeconomic status.

David Yeager: Operations Manager
David Yeager is a native San Diegan who attended schools in San Diego Unified School District for his entire K-12 education, graduating from Crawford High School. After graduating from high school, he worked as a teacher’s assistant at a local private school while attending college full-time as a business major eventually earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. David spent 12 years in Operations Management and Process Improvement with a Fortune 500 technology company. In addition to his business experience, David, has been active in the education community in San Diego both through his son’s schools and independently with other schools. David was a member of the CPMA (Creative, Performing, and Media Arts) School Site Council while his son attended middle school and he continues to serve as Chairperson of the Board at Darnall Charter School, his son’s former elementary school. David has also worked on the development of two additional charter schools in San Diego. His contribution to education is a focus on providing operational knowledge, support, and expertise so educators can focus on educating students. David lives in the College Area with his fiancĂ© and son and is active in his son’s extracurricular activities of baseball and band. David looks forward to assisting San Diego United Parents for Education (UPforEd) to unite parent voices in support of a quality education for all students in San Diego Unified.

Public Relations and Media:
Please send all media requests through Erica Holloway at Galvanized Strategies

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